It's training for any 'talent' in any industry. Focussed on behaviours and experience building. A good example is that a lot of young talented people are given additional responsibility including a team to look after because they are great at what they do but they have no leadership experience. We give them the tools and skills to be a great, productive leader and individual.

The SEVENTHWAVE® Workshops.

SEVENTHWAVE®is a bespoke programme 6 one day workshops 4 to 6 weeks apart, built on our years of experience working with new managers recognising the challenges they face in that transition from “doing and delivering” a great result, to managing others to “do and deliver” a great result.

Workshop 1
“Only by knowing yourself can you become an effective leader”

• I have a greater understanding of who I am, and the impact that has on others.

• I can recognise the differing perspectives of others and therefore communicate more effectively.

• I have scoped out what my professional success looks like and been honest around the current blockers to that success.

“Performance = Capability x Behaviour”

• I understand the importance and impact of my personal brand.

• I have identified the specific skills I need to develop to be an effective leader.

• I understand the challenges of the constantly changing world we work in and now have strategies to support my team more effectively.

Workshop 2
Workshop 3
“Management is above all a practice where art, science and craft meet”

• The specific content for workshops 3 – 5 is dependent upon the needs of the group.

• I have developed the specific management skills to enable me to get the best out of my team….. such as situational leadership, coaching for performance to effective delegation and learning styles.

“Great leaders communicate a vision that captures the imagination and fires the hearts and minds of those around them”

• I have developed the specific leadership skills to enable me to inspire and lead my team more effectively... such as giving and receiving feedback, having difficult conversations, managing performance and motivation and engagement.

Workshop 4
Workshop 5
“Testing leads to failure and failure leads to understanding”

• I've reflected on the journey so far on our successes and challenges.

• We have completed a SWOT analysis on each other to support accelerating our learning and the effect on the business.

• We understand the value and impact of influencing and building our wider network.

“Vision without action is a dream, action without vision is chaos”

• We are clear on how to futureproof our leadership skillset.

• We have broken through our limiting beliefs.

• We have presented to the senior leadership team the application of our learnings.

• The senior leadership team have empowered us with business challenges for the next stage of our unaccompanied journey... and this is creating the SEVENTHWAVE® in our organisation.

Workshop 6
The coaching journey that supports the learning, in three clear sections.
Workshop 1

Creation of the compelling goal which connects both the business needs and the individual needs. Identifying areas of focus, establishing success criteria, contracting roles and responsibilities.

Workshop 2 - 5

Development of the individual through interventions 6 - 8 weeks apart, 45min minutes per session. The Coach owns the process, coachee owns the action. Ongoing telephone support available throughout the journey where needed (FOC).

Workshop 6

Recognition of successes, building strategies for sustaining the progress.

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