Seventh Wave® and our parent company Waypoint Coaching & Training Limited began its journey in 2010, founded on a passion for people and their development. Our greatest pleasure is the satisfaction gained from enabling an individual or team to realise their potential, clarifying their vision and being part of their journey. That passion has fuelled our work with over 2000 delegates across 4 continents leading to the development of Seventh Wave®.


Seventh Wave® is a bespoke programme built on our years of experience working with new managers recognising the challenges they face in that transition from “doing and delivering” a great result to managing others to “do and deliver” a great result.

  • Improvement in productivity.
  • 2000+ delegates trained globally.
  • 800 of our 2000 delegates promoted.
  • Rise in retention.
  • Increased engagement.
  • Significant reduction in escalated issues.
  • By working with your teams our series of 6 workshops that leave you not only with a set of competent leaders but a connected group that can support and enhance the wider business through their newfound knowledge, network and cohesion – this is your SEVENTHWAVE®.

    Our Training Partners

    Get to know our partners that make our SEVENTHWAVE® training special, they help us deliver our training while building genual long-term relationships with our client's employees.

    Nick Booth
    Worldwide Founder

    “I have a passion for people and their development, my greatest pleasure is the satisfaction gained from enabling an individual or team realise their potential, clarifying their vision and being part of their journey. ”

    “As a Success and Leadership coach, trainer and facilitator, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do what I enjoy the most every day. As part of my journey I have worked in large site retail management which has allowed me the privilege of managing many thousands of people in numerous challenging environments within several blue chip companies. ”

    Seventh Wave

    “8 years ago I decided I wanted to take my skill sets into the world training and development in order to help develop and support even more individuals and teams. I designed a development programme that focusses on the newly appointed and established leaders and supporting them in how to get the very best out of themselves and others through brilliant management and leadership.”

    “Over 2000 courses delivered in the UK, NYC, Singapore and Sydney with true ROI realised.”


    Darren Booth
    Worldwide Partner

    “Over 30 years industry experience as an effective senior leader in both operations & B2B. 7 years with Apple as a senior L&D mentor. My outstanding passion as a leader allowed me the opportunity to coach hundreds of individuals and teams in order to get the best out of themselves and others every day”


    Mike Hardcastle
    UK & Spain Partner

    “Mike has over 10 years of experience in personal development, sales and retail training and online digital strategy. This has allowed him a unique approach when working to support and train teams across a wide range of roles and markets.

    Specialising in working with market-leading companies across Europe, supporting them to facilitate change within their business through people development, creating sustainable change.

    Previously working with Apple Inc for over 6 years in they’re cutting-edge retail stores. Specialising in B2B account management and working with the larger store team to develop specific sales skills, motivate participation in achieving our company goals while organising and delivering team specific workshop training.”


    Nic Smith
    UK Partner

    “With over 12 years’ experience in training, digital recruitment and people development, I combine traditional training techniques with innovative, individual-centric development to develop successful teams.”


    Richard Dorman
    UK Partner

    “After 20 years of working in a variety of marketing and communications leadership roles, gained within in-house and agency businesses, I now combine experienced based training, incorporating traditional and personalised techniques to enable individuals to reach their full leadership potential.

    As part of my 20 years’ experience, I worked at Sony for 12 years where I led teams both locally and internationally allowing me to bring that knowledge and understanding to my training, ensuring real world experience is delivered in the training room.”


    Laura Hampson
    UK Partner

    “Having worked in the public and private sector in a variety of leadership roles for the last 20 years, I have a passion for people development, helping individuals reach their potential and teams work better together. My unique and engaging delivery style makes sessions fun and productive.

    I also offer mediation services when tensions are higher and a direct focused yet informal approach is required to prevent any further stress and or cost to everyone involved. ”


    Dean Gill
    UK Partner

    “My 26+ years’ experience in sales, service and people management training has allowed me to deliver on my passion, and enthusiasm, for working with the tens of thousands of great people I’ve met and giving them the skills, knowledge and mindset to be even greater!”


    Charlotte Mullen
    UK Partner

    “With over 25 years of sales, recruitment and HR experience, I love the complexity of people and in particular sales people and their many challenges. I like to engage with people on a very individual level bespoking my style and coaching to suit them. I love to see people have those lightbulb moments that are going to make a direct impact of their health and wellbeing.”


    Caroline Mabon
    UK Partner

    “‘My 20 years’ experience covers a variety of customer facing and leadership roles in both global FMCG ( Mars), and SMEs where I have worked on both client and agency side.

    My greatest joy has been in leading teams and seeing the people around me blossom. I have experienced first-hand the power of investing in people and the positive impact this has on both engagement and commercial results.

    I have a collaborative and inclusive style, gain great pleasure from building strong and lasting relationships, and love finding out about what makes people tick!”


    Rachel Ellsmore
    UK Partner

    “With over 15 years experience in training design and delivery, my passion is still for developing individuals and teams!

    Whether this is skills or behavioural based or empowering people to become better leaders, my style is interactive and engaging, making for a great learning experience.

    My background as a leader and training experience in hospitality, retail, recruitment, engineering and sporting industries provides me with a good insight into various sectors and businesses. This enables me to tailor the programme to achieve maximum impact and improvement for both the individual and the company.”


    Rob Lester
    UK Partner

    “A highly successful & dynamic thinking coach with a passion for people to succeed. Delivering through superb people skills and a desire to develop teams & individuals to fulfil their potential.

    Over 24 years coaching & leadership experience with Tesco Stores. Delivering UK business plans in the  FMCG market with great success."


    Tracy Filler
    UK Partner

    “Tracy works with clients on learning and transformation projects, within their sales and leadership teams, which benefits from her 16 years senior recruitment management experience and 13 years as a learning and development specialist.

    Practically minded and insightful working at a strategic and tactical level in organisational development and performance management to deliver a commercial edge.

    Tracy is an Association for Coaching Co-Coaching Coordinator engaging with latest thinking and is an NLP Practitioner. She clocks up in excess of 500 coaching hours per annum, driving positive change in how teams lead, manage and sell.

    Her passion for positive change, drives action led sessions focusing on the person or people in front of her. She’ll positively disrupt your thinking, clear your head and help you make fresh steps forward.”


    Anthony Graham
    UK Partner

    “I have an insatiable appetite for learning and helping people get better at almost anything. After management careers in Learning & Development with great organisations like Disney Parks and KPMG I have focused on designing and delivering fun and enjoyable interventions for small to medium sized companies to aid that sometimes turbulent leap from being good at your job into management and then senior management and beyond. I’ve made great friends and colleagues on this 20-year journey and simply love supporting people to success. It is often said that “the passion I model is infectious”.


    Suzanne Penny
    UK Partner

    “I am a Coach and Learning and Development Specialist who has worked as part of Senior Management teams, with 20 years’ experience working within the recruitment and outplacement sectors. Having been a Consultant for the past 6 years, I have trained and supported hundreds of managers and leaders, with vast experience supporting individuals and teams through major change and transition.

    I am passionate about delivering an exceptional level of service to clients, from analysing training needs, to designing bespoke solutions. Many clients have requested I facilitate their training interventions due to my engaging an upbeat delivery style.

    Currently studying my ILM Level 7 in Coaching and Executive Coaching.”


    Andrew Marrins
    UK Partner

    “During my career , I've held progressive L&D positions across various businesses including Boots . Specsavers and Head Of L&D at Brewdog - the game changing global craft beer business!

    Throughout my career , I've had the pleasure to develop, coach & mentor hundreds of individuals , managers & leaders at all levels , developing numerous teams along the way with lasting results.

    Aside from the day job , I've also held various roles with the Oxford Summer School , from coaching and facilitating the week long residential programme to delivering a tutorial to the retail sectors high performing talent. I'm passionate about developing people at all levels and believe talent should be nurtured on every occasion.